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First Book of Piano Music
A comprehensive course
for piano beginners


The First Book of Piano Music
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 New Series of Books For Piano Beginners


7 books of Piano for Beginners


"Musical Sparrow" has recently launched a new piano book series for beginners.

These series possess great features like the thoughtfully selected and edited repertoire, a large number of pieces in every book, beautiful design and printing. All books have spiral plastic binding which makes it easier to keep the books open on the piano music stand. The series include a book for very beginners, three music books and a book of studies and exercises for level 1-3 players, a book of sonatinas and other larger musical forms for level 2-5 students, and a book of scales, chords, and arpeggios that should be practiced by all levels.

• The books for the very beginners are designed to quickly develop basic technique and good habits of playing the piano
• Wide collection of pieces allows the teacher to pick the perfect piece for his or her student
 • The book of beginner studies helps the student to develop different techniques for both hands
 • New ideas that focus on easing the student into the world of key signatures were implemented in the book of scales that make it easy for the student to follow the fingerings in scales with lots of accidentals.


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